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“Explore the excellence of INFINITY LANDSCAPE & CONSTRUCTION Inc. through Our Services – where dedication and expertise converge to transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece in Corona, CA.”


"Elevate your outdoor spaces with our expert touch in Hardscaping, where functionality meets aesthetics for a lasting impact."

Artificial Grass Installation

"Experience the lush beauty without the maintenance. Elevate your space with our expert Artificial Grass Installation services for a vibrant and hassle-free landscape."


"Transform your surroundings with our comprehensive Landscaping services, where nature's beauty meets expert craftsmanship."

Fence Installation

"Define your space with expertise. Our Fence Installation services offer both security and style, enhancing your outdoor surroundings with precision and craftsmanship."

Retaining Wall Construction

"Elevate your landscape with precision and strength through our Retaining Wall Construction services, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal for enduring beauty."

Concrete Work

"Build a foundation of strength and durability with our Concrete Work services, where expertise meets precision for lasting and resilient outdoor structures."

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Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

“Transforming dreams into lush realities, one landscape at a time – where nature meets design, and every garden tells a unique story of beauty and tranquility.”